Editorial Services

I specialise in editing fiction, and I accept manuscripts of any length and work across most genres.

I’ll need to review your manuscript or screenplay in order to provide you with an accurate quote.

Sample edits are available on request, and they will be subject to a set fee. Should you go ahead with a full edit after I’ve provided you with a sample, the cost of the sample edit will be deducted from your final editing fee.

I’m often booked up for several months in advance, so please take this in to account when planning your desired edit or assessment start date.


  • Developmental Editing
  • Line Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Manuscript Assessment
  • Screenplay Assessment

Developmental Editing will look at your manuscript line by line and page by page. I will use Word tracking changes to make comments about every angle of your manuscript from character, point of view, voice, style, pace, and the world of your story. I’ll let you know if you’re telling rather than showing, I’ll point out if things are unclear or underdeveloped, and I’ll tell you if you’re lacking conflict. A developmental edit will not fix unsexy sentences (see Line Editing) or fix grammar issues (see Proofreading).

Line Editing is an on-the-line edit using Word tracking changes. I will review and revise each sentence of your manuscript to ensure that flow, style and word choice are the best they can be and that your manuscript is reader friendly. Anything that’s dragging your prose down will be identified and corrections will be suggested. There will be extensive comments in the tracking changes, and I will use these comments as a way to help you hone your writing craft. Line editing will not correct plot holes, inconsistencies or characterization issues, but if I see these things I will let you know that your manuscript has unexplored developmental opportunities (see Developmental Editing and Manuscript Assessment).

Proofreading is the final step you need to take before self-publishing or sending your manuscript to an agent or publisher. I will check your manuscript for grammar errors, misused words, and spelling and punctuation errors.

Manuscript Assessments will identify and highlight any major issues in your manuscript. An assessment will be returned to you as a report (of several pages in length), and it will list ways you could improve your work. It will bring to your attention any plot inconsistencies, confusing storylines, point of view errors, pacing problems, character problems, underdeveloped storylines, underdeveloped character arcs, voice and style issues, description issues, and generally anything I may find that I think is holding your manuscript back from being the very best it can be. I recommend manuscript assessments for newer writers who are still learning their writing craft.

Screenplay Assessments will be returned to you as a report that will identify ways you could improve your screenplay before you submit it for consideration. I will look at character, dialogue, story and structure, and I’ll guide you to ensure your characters are extraordinary and the world you’ve created memorable. If something’s not working I will find it, and we’ll discuss ways for you to revise your screenplay to help it stand out.

To discuss your project in more detail or to request a quote please email: kathrynscopy@gmail.com


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