SR Hoyer

I chose Kat as my editor due to her experience with LGBTQIA+ work, and I was not disappointed. I really don’t know how to put this in words, but she changed my life. I didn’t see myself as an author until I started working with her. She left me feeling valuable and empowered after every chat. No question was too simple or too complex for her, and she was always available to talk. Her editing was so thorough! She had me questioning everything about my novel in the best way. Before Kat, I doubted my manuscript. I liked my characters and my plot, but I was floundering. Thanks to her, I now LOVE my manuscript. I love my story so damn much. Being a perfectionist, I never thought it would feel polished enough to publish, yet here I am! Thanks to Kat, I’m now a published author and, hopefully, a lifelong friend.

Eva Leppard 

Kathryn took my 90,000 word urban fantasy manuscript and helped me really clarify what the story was about, tighten up the plot, elaborate on the themes and tweak the story line into a novel that has now been picked up by a publisher. I had never invested in a really quality editor before, and the whole process of working with her was a pleasure. She was happy to answer any questions, clarify suggestions and she wasn’t afraid to point out what really needed more work. But also, she’s delighted to point out the good bits too! Overall, a wonderful editor to work with.

Michael Ryder

Submissions Manager at Tale Publishing


It is no surprise that nine books from four Tale Publishing authors have been edited by Kathryn. Her attention to detail is first rate, and she has a knack for knowing how to make a story ‘work’. Her professionalism and thoroughness make her a pleasure to work with. Tale Publishing recommends Kathryn’s editing services to aspiring and established authors alike.

Robert New

Author at robertsnew.com

I wish I’d known about Kathryn earlier in my writing career as I’ve learnt so much from the editing she’s done on my books. Kathryn is particularly good at developmental and structural edits. After her work on my latest novel, Sovereign Assassin, I felt confident enough to approach publishers with the book. I’m pleased to report that from six submissions, and before three had replied, I had two requests for the full manuscript and an offer of publication. Needless to say, in my mind this is due to the work Kathryn put into editing my manuscript. Equally needless to say, I will continue to use Kathryn’s services for my future books.

Nikki Bielinski

Author, Performer

Kathryn Moore has edited several short stories for me, and more recently an 80,000-word YA fantasy novel. I’d never been formally edited before—it’s a potential minefield paying money for the opinion of someone you don’t know—but I’d met Kathryn at a local writers group and was impressed by the comments and feedback she gave when we were critiquing each other’s work.

I’d previously had one short story published with a magazine, but I was struggling to get others published, which I had thought were of a similar, suitable style. Kathryn edited them for me, and I liked the way she took my stories on and worked out how to heighten the characterization and increase tension and drama in the story. She saw my vision and took it to a higher level. This resulted in me getting another two stories published.

I really appreciated the fact that she made the best of ‘my’ stories rather than trying to turn them into something else and make them ‘her’ stories, as I’ve seen other editors do. I’m also delighted with the editorial work Kathryn has since done on my YA novel. Again, she had the vision to find out what was really needed in the relationship plotlines, and she made appropriate recommendations and suggestions for revision.

Thanks to the editing comments and rationale Kathryn gave along the way, I have learnt a lot about writing and storytelling. In the current competitive publishing marketplace, I feel writers need a cutting-edge advantage to their work. This is best done by hiring a professional editor who can take the story to the next level. Kathryn comes with my highest recommendations, and heartfelt thanks. 

Ingrid Fry

Writer, Business Consultant at Capacity Matters

Kathryn was the editor of my first novel, Descent into Darkness. Due to a peculiar twist of fate, I ended up having two professional editors edit the same book—one of which was Kathryn. Hence, I was in a position to really make a comparison. It was an interesting exercise for me, having never used the services of an editor before.

What I found most valuable about Kathryn’s editing—and why I will use her services again—was her attention to detail. Kathryn went out of her way to check up on facts, and identified quite a few errors on my part. Her capacity to pick up mistakes in continuity—ones that had escaped all my beta readers—was excellent.

Kathryn’s developmental notes were extremely helpful, and her comments on aspects of my characters were insightful, and valuable.

Kathryn kept me up to date with where she was at in the editing process, encouraged me to ask questions, and was very professional in her approach. Sending out a novel to be edited can be a scary thing, but Kathryn made it an experience that was encouraging and positive, while still giving me tough love.

The best take-away from the whole editing procedure was what I learned from Kathryn about writing. My writing has improved immensely, encompassing dialogue, grammar, point-of-view, layout, elimination of clichés, narrative, overuse of certain words (lots of them), and a whole lot more.

Kathryn’s editing has increased my skill level, and most importantly, my enthusiasm for the process of editing. Using Kathryn as my editor has contributed a great deal of value to my writing career, and that makes it well worth the investment.

On a final note—and this is crucial for me—I like Kathryn as a person; she has integrity, a good sense of humour, and I trust her with my work. 

Jeremy Stanford

Writer, Director, Performer

Kathryn was the editor for my first novel, Rapture. The experience was deluxe. She rode me hard, but in a way that was encouraging and worked to my strengths. I’ve worked with editors before that suck the life out of you, make you feel worthless, or like a crap writer. It’s important to have someone to guide you who keeps you positive and off your own back. This is Kathryn’s great strength.

She solved some terrible POV issues, grammar errors (of course), issues of tempo and flow—hell, everything really, all the while allowing me my own voice and vision. She knew when to give me my way and when to put her foot down. She’s a joy. Hire her. 

Adam vanLangenberg

2016 My Brother Jack Awards, First Prize, Short Story Award Winner

Working with Kathryn was an invaluable experience. Thanks to her I feel confident that my work is ready to submit to publishers. She not only found countless grammatical mistakes, she also picked up many continuity errors that several beta readers and I had completely missed.

Her developmental report was of the most benefit to me. Kathryn understood the theme of my story better than I did and was able suggest ways in which I could tie it in to my story more powerfully. She also made recommendations on how to increase the tension, improve pacing and make my characters more rounded.

I have already recommended her to several writers I know, and I will definitely be using her services again.

Sasha Buntman

Virtual Authors’ Assistant at Midnight Media

Since 2016, Kathryn has been providing freelance editing services to Midnight Media. This has included manuscript assessments, proofreading, line-by-line copyediting and developmental editing of entire manuscripts. Her professionalism, knowledge of literature and attention-to-detail with grammar and punctuation has been remarkable. Without Kathryn’s expertise, these manuscripts would not have been ready for publication. Her notations about overall structure, content and style, plot, character, point-of-view, pace, writing style, narrative and dialogue have assisted in improving manuscripts. I cannot recommend Kathryn Moore highly enough to anyone requiring a professional and structural editor.

Bala Mudaly


I first met Kathryn at a meeting of the Monash Writers Group when she generously volunteered to edit several short stories for members. It’s here that I had firsthand experience of her incisive editing skills and her enormous patience in interacting with mostly budding writers.

Subsequently, I contracted Kathryn to review a draft novella of mine. She approached the assignment in a very professional manner, initially scanning the draft and advising me of what her services would cost. She also listed the outcomes I may expect from her editing.

Once the line editing was completed and returned to me, Kathryn wrote a developmental report with encouraging practical suggestions and potential structural changes to my draft to enhance the plot, focus and overall story.

I unreservedly recommend Kathryn Moore to any writer who may be on the hunt for a competent, approachable and practical editor. 

Lynne Santos

Freelance Author 

Kathryn Moore has edited my collection of short stories, The Clearing. I greatly appreciate her sheer enthusiasm for my writing. Her editing is perceptive and her pertinent comments have made me reflect on my stories more deeply. Kathryn’s feedback has enabled me to read my texts from the reader’s perspective. She has respected my work and helped me to realise its fuller potential. I hope to collaborate with her again on a future project. 

Ruth McIver

Ph.D. student

I had a lot of trepidation when I was seeking out an editor for my manuscript, but I’m so happy I went with Kathryn. While she’s highly skilled in both structural editing and proofreading, she also has a great instinct for and affinity with character and story. Her professionalism and passion for good writing impressed me in all our correspondences. I really trust her with my work, and I feel like working with her on my first full-length manuscript made me a better writer. 

Jessie Seymour

Researcher and Lecturer

Kathryn is a detail-oriented editor who understands what makes a good story and how it will fit in the marketplace. She is kind with her criticism, but she also doesn’t pull punches. Her appraisal of my manuscript was finely detailed and she was able to find the flaws in characterisation/plot as well as give me several ideas on how to fix them. Very easy to work with – I can’t recommend her enough. 

Leisl Egan

Segment Producer at The Weekly with Charlie Pickering

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

‪Working with Kathryn was my first experience of working with an editor and she was fantastic! ‪She ploughed her way through my 20-page short story and helped me push it into sharp focus. Her notes were incredibly detailed and thorough, and managed to pull no punches yet be aware of my ego at exactly the same time! ‪Would definitely recommend and use Kathryn’s services again.

Bronwyn Mehan

Director of Publishing at Spineless Wonders

Kathryn worked with our author, Patrick Lenton, on his collection of microfiction, A Man Made Entirely of Bats, which was released in March, 2015. Editing a writing which is comic and at times satirical is a tough call. The author needs to feel that the editor ‘gets’ the humour and that any feedback offered will be in keeping with its freshness and its tone. Kathryn was able to establish an immediate rapport with our author and the manuscript was improved as a result of her editing skills. I would highly recommend Kathryn to any publishers or authors writing in a range of genre.

Bronwyn Mehan

Spineless Wonders

AJ Collins

Freelance Writer, Editor, Author, Singer, MC

I engaged Kathryn as a professional proofreader for my fiction novel and was thrilled with the level of attention to detail Kathryn provided, giving knowledgeable copy editing advice as well. I’m sure Kathryn’s contribution to my work assisted greatly in getting my novel past first base with publishers.

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