The Pitfalls of Being a Goddess, Eva Leppard (Liminal Books, 2023)

Her Grace, S.R. Hoyer (S.R. Hoyer, 2023)

Visitor, Graham Wilson (BeyondBeyond Books, 2022)

Colours of Death 2, Robert New (Tale Publishing, 2022)

Intelligence Horizon, R Andrew Russell (Tale Publishing, 2022)

Sovereign Assassin, Robert New (Shooting Star Press, 2021)

Sov Assassin

The White Order, Lynne Santos (Branching Realities Independent Publishing, 2020)

The White Order

Descent into Darkness, Ingrid Fry (Tale Publishing, 2020)
Journey to Hell, Ingrid Fry (Tale Publishing, 2020)
Quest for Light, Ingrid Fry (Tale Publishing, 2020)
Search for Truth, Ingrid Fry (Tale Publishing, 2020)
Intelligent Consent, R Andrew Russell (Tale Publishing, 2020)

Colours of Death, Robert New (Tale Publishing, 2019)

When Destiny Comes Calling: A Cassiopeian Tale (The Arednop Trilogy Book 2), Richard H Polden (Atticus Technology, 2019)

When Destiny Comes Calling

A Fatal Love, Nikki Bielinski, (that’s life! Fast Fiction, winter 2018)

winter 2018

MoveMind, Robert New (Tale Publishing, 2018)

MoveMind cover

Speculative Short Stories.

The School Reunion, Nikki Bielinski (that’s life! Fast Fiction, autumn 2018)

autumn 2018 thats life fast fiction cover

Rapture, Jeremy Stanford (Tale Publishing, 2018)

Rapture Bookcover

When your baby’s born with a halo, you really need to rethink atheism.

Year of the Queen The Making of the Hit Show, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Jeremy Stanford (Tale Publishing, 2017)

Year of the Queen bookcover

The Wardens of Atticus: A Cassiopeian Tale (The Arednop Trilogy), Richard H Polden (Midnight Media, 2017)

Richard H Polden

They are the galaxy’s only hope. Pity the galaxy has never heard of them.

A Man Made Entirely of Bats, Patrick Lenton (Spineless Wonders, 2015)

A Man Made Entirely of Bats

A collection of stories and flash fiction. Dive into a world of superheroes, the comedic and the absurd!